Monday, November 15, 2010

The Thrill Is Gone...and by Thrill, I Mean Groove.

I've been a little rocked lately. Spinning on a different axis.

I don't like it.

The littlest tasks, things that I'm passionate about in theory, take an unbelievable effort. The thing is, I'm not tired of this business. If anything, I'm desperate to jump in the deep end, but I can't climb the stairs to the diving board without getting out of breath.

Most of this is due to the one big elephant in the corner of my body. The elephant is scheduled to be transported to a new location as early as Tuesday next week, or as late as December 14th. Until the beasts removal, distance training is out of the question. I guess until then, I am running sprints. Hopefully each sprint takes me closer to the other side of this valley I've been dropped in, until I can see the other side.

Here are the sprints for this week.

1. Finish the read that is currently on my virtual desk and send off notes.
2. Sharpen ideas for Crazy 8s pitch and decide on front runners.
3. Connect with the two people I've been wanting to see, regarding something we ARE very excited about.
4. Decide who, out of the many MANY Movember candidates I know who are scruffing it up for a worthy cause, will receive my donation.
5. Eat Pho. Twice.

I suppose I could try to inject more analogies into this post, but I love my 18 followers, and am hoping for numbers 19 and 20 in the next week, so I'll play it safe. Until then, send me an encouraging sprint-worthy /CHEER, and then go visit me over at The Future Ex Waitress, and send me your script - I still have one spot left for a read with notes!

Time for Pho #1. Peace!

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