Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Shout Out

It's crisp outside. Leaves are crumpled and blowing down the street. One latent neighbour has managed to ignore the rotting jack-o-lantern on his or her stoop. There is no time quite like the time between fall and winter. The grey area when the ski hills aren't open just yet, but the television is reminding us every day that our credit cards are about to be maxed to capacity. What better time of year to listen to some sweet soulful jazz?

This Friday's shout out goes to Quintessential. A local jazz band that gigs around Vancouver, and has just come out with their third album "Coffee". They are a fantastic four piece, and they are available for bookings, and general merriment. Also, their bass player just happens to be my fabulous Father.

Take a listen to their albums HERE. If you like what you hear, you can order their albums online. They also have a Christmas album. It makes a great gift. If you know anyone who likes jazz or just general awesomeness, send them over to Quintessential they won't be disappointed.

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