Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Getting Kagey In Here!

Congratulations to Thursday's #DSLC winner Kim Garland! Get ready to be cordially introduced:

Kim Garland is a freelance writer from Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. She works in literary acquisitions and development for Braven Films and spends her downtime fighting, cursing and crying her way through her first feature-length script. It’s a comedy.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University’s Writing Program and after college worked in book publishing for Houghton Mifflin and Random House. She gave up Publishing’s coveted expense accounts and “summer hours” for the glamour of a dotcom startup. Yes, that was dumb, but since it ultimately led to following her heart and pursuing her longtime dream of working in the film industry, it turned out okay in the end. Let’s hope that comedy screenplay follows suit.

Kim would like to thank the fine folks of #scriptchat for her glorious win of #DSLC, though she’s not yet convinced she wasn’t the only one who submitted this week (she wasn't) and therefore won by default (she didn't).

You can follow Kim on twitter @KageyNYC and find her lurking in Sunday night's #Scriptchat. Look for her name in lights in the very near future.

The next #DSLC will run tomorrow (that's Thursday). You will have from 8AM until 8PM pst to submit your best logline to in order to win tomorrow's prize, which is still percolating in my head.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Day, Another #DSLC

Congrats to the winners of the Double Shift Logline Challenges (#DSLC) for this week.

Tuesday's winner: @tracinell has won a free read/notes from me.
Thursday's winner: @robertcarroll has won a free read/notes from benefactor @zacsanford.

Here were some of the submissions I've received this week (Posted with permission, of course). Mine are hiding in there also. I will update this post with more of the submissions once I've received permission from their authors.

Elegantly Wasted – Four high school graduates decide to spend the summer before college partying in England, but when they get paired up with a Royal family, they're forced to try live the summer of a lifetime without destroying centuries of family tradition.

Rules of a Successful Bachelor - Tristan's a womanizer, that secretly runs a pickup website and falls for the one woman that knows all his tricks... his competition.

Dreaming of Me - Roles are comically reversed when a hunky celebrity stalks the nameless girl in his nightly, romantic dreams to convince her they are soul mates.

Drive Through Justice - A middle school student convinces his dis-barred lawyer uncle to help him sue a local fast food chain after his father dies of a heart attack while eating their food.

After being separated by a riot in the streets of Tokyo, a young couple embarks on wild one-night quest to reunite with one another.