Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Day, Another #DSLC

Congrats to the winners of the Double Shift Logline Challenges (#DSLC) for this week.

Tuesday's winner: @tracinell has won a free read/notes from me.
Thursday's winner: @robertcarroll has won a free read/notes from benefactor @zacsanford.

Here were some of the submissions I've received this week (Posted with permission, of course). Mine are hiding in there also. I will update this post with more of the submissions once I've received permission from their authors.

Elegantly Wasted – Four high school graduates decide to spend the summer before college partying in England, but when they get paired up with a Royal family, they're forced to try live the summer of a lifetime without destroying centuries of family tradition.

Rules of a Successful Bachelor - Tristan's a womanizer, that secretly runs a pickup website and falls for the one woman that knows all his tricks... his competition.

Dreaming of Me - Roles are comically reversed when a hunky celebrity stalks the nameless girl in his nightly, romantic dreams to convince her they are soul mates.

Drive Through Justice - A middle school student convinces his dis-barred lawyer uncle to help him sue a local fast food chain after his father dies of a heart attack while eating their food.

After being separated by a riot in the streets of Tokyo, a young couple embarks on wild one-night quest to reunite with one another.

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