Saturday, July 31, 2010

Double Shift Logline Challenge - Thursday

The loglines from Thursday's #DSLC (posted with permission):

High Speed –Two stoner college students discover they can travel the world by transferring themselves via a high-speed internet router made with a bong and an 8-track player

A news photographer captures the shot of a lifetime, but is forced to decide between love and fortune when the scandalous nature of her photograph turns out on closer inspection to be her new boyfriend caught during the commission of a serious crime. A comedy

MITTENS: A lonely high school prodigy befriends the CIA’s latest in spy technology, a talking robotic cat, and together they must destroy the master plan of a global crime syndicate

When Jake clicked "next blog" on the blogger web site, he had no idea that next blog would cause him to fall in love.

A newlywed couple is stuck living their honeymoon over and over again and, as the years pass on this endless vacation, they uncover whether they are truly meant to be together ‘til death do them part

A struggling artist sketches series of anti-corporate portraits centering on his father's investment business and finds himself pulled into a world of corporate intrigue when his sketches uncover an ugly truth.

A 50-year-old spinster accidentally becomes the leader of a biker gang and destroys America's roughest biker town in ENID BURGESS TAKES DOWN STURGIS


Thank you to @eyamie, @KageyNYC, @RobertCarroll, @ZacSanford, @Yeah_Write, @ZaniacMedic, and @NoPantsIsland for playing along with my silly game (Mine is included in there as well).

Congrats again to @Eyamie who pulled out the win with a short, succinct, humorous logline including a great title, winning a copy of Quintessential's CD.


Next week's #DSLC will take place on Tuesday, and Thursday (according to my current schedule) On those days, send your logline to before 6PM PST to be considered. I'll think of a new exciting prize to accompany the winner's #FF.

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