Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception, Loglines, and Follow Fridays

This is a buffet post, more than one item on the menu. First and foremost - INCEPTION! We saw it last night and needless to say I was not disappointed. Wow. Here is my #HaikuMovieReview


Complex and driven
Intricately beautiful
Intense story art

Walking out of a movie that intentionally expects an intelligent viewer, entertains, and inspires is so refreshing. I am going again.


Now I want to talk about the DSLC. I am giving myself a new challenge to go along with the intense hours that I'm working. I'm also inviting you to play along! Thus begins the "Double Shift Logline Challenge" (DSLC). Everytime I work a double shift - I have a possible 3 in a row next week - I am challenging myself to write a logline on my break, and challenging you to write one as well! Submit them to me via DM on Twitter or email them to me. Every time I get more than five on a given day, I will choose a winner, give them a #FollowFriday on Twitter, and post their logline on my blog, if they so choose.

We had a blast with it on Thursday. Its the best way I can think of to keep myself being creative on a short timeline. I've decided to embrace the crazy hours, and to force myself to keep my head in the writing game, even on my longest days. Watch for the hashtags on Twitter under #QuickWriting and #DSLC. Looking forward to playing!


I owe a Follow Friday to @robertcarroll and @zaniacmedic for their participation in the DSLC on Thursday - Thanks for playing along! A couple other people you should check out on Twitter:

The Scriptchat Treefort Crew (Sunday night work has limited my involvement - but these guys are awesome!)


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