Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Things Weighing on This Wednesday

Gordon Campbell has stepped down.

No one is eating out in Vancouver.

I am still waiting on surgery.

These are three issues that are affecting my day. One less so than the others. I didn't vote for Gordon Campbell. I'm uncertain what the ramifications of him stepping down are, and if this will give the correct focus to the tax referendum or not. I hope that whoever steps up to the plate will be prepared for the bees nest that they are entering, and can find a way to make some honey for the province of BC. I don't know too much about Gordon Campbell, though I can't help but wonder if his reasons for stepping down are the same when he gives them at the dinner table instead of in front of the cameras.

No one is eating out. Despite the fact that winter is nipping at our heels and restaurants are usually beginning to feel the first pushes of the Christmas rush, NO ONE is eating out. Except people with coupons. They're coming in spades. Coupons are great for bringing in the business, but not so great when forty dollars is discounted off an otherwise profitable bill. I don't know whether the decline in patronage is fallout from the recession, delayed reaction to the HST spike, or renewed sense of frugal behavior in Canada, but it's definitely killing my Snowboard fund buzz.

I am extremely biased at this time, but I am currently VERY frustrated with the health care system in Canada. Don't get me wrong, I would take our free health care system over the majority of country's any day, and I am SO thankful that medical care is provided to all without debilitating costs, but I am currently stuck in the system's limbo, and it's killing me softly (without the song). I'm not sure I can bring myself to tell the sordid story to the interwebs, but I'm sure the two IV bruises that I'm currently sporting will be sufficient proof of my frustration for the time being.

While trying to hide from my physical pain, and garner some semblance of income to make up for all the days of work I've missed, I've created a new venture. I've decided to give it its own site for the time being, but if I find the dual sites too difficult to manage, I'll find a way to combine them. To check it out - go HERE.

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