Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ruby Skye PI - Are YOU Caught Up?

Check out this delightful new web-series, courtesy of the immensely talented Jill Golick, Kerry Young, Karen Walton et al, along with some incredible sponsors. Get the whole story HERE, complete with activities and brownies! Or follow them on Twitter! Such a great series, with relevant messages, and exciting mysteries. Are YOU caught up? I sure am.


Two other things of note:

1. I still have two spots available to do a read for YOU! First come first serve. Head on over to The Future Ex-Waitress and comment, or email me at to reserve your spot.

2. I am FINALLY running another #DSLC (Double Shift Logline Challenge) tomorrow, so get your loglines prepped and ready, and follow me on Twitter for the submission call. Prizes TBA.


  1. My daughter's home for a PD day tomorrow. I plan on watching all the episodes to date with her. I waited until there were a few parked, because i KNOW if she likes it, she'll be "I want to see ANOTHER one!" over and over again, so I wanted there to be a few.

  2. Good call Garner. That's the only problem, wanting more RIGHT away.