Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Villainy is Afoot

I'm loving the chatter after yesterday's post. I'm slightly loathe to post something new today, but I promised the NaBloPoMo people so I will forge ahead.

Yesterday after reading John August's post "Every Villain is a Hero" I began to think about the type of villain that I respond to. As I work to craft my characters, I want to be sure my antagonist is multi-faceted. I want to move past one dimensional and create a villain that the audience could almost rally behind, if they weren't so distracted by who they're supposed to support.

Benjamin Linus of LOST is still one of my favourite complex villains. Perhaps its because I can hold out hope for his redemption, since i don't fully understand his motives. Perhaps I just like having someone to hate on loudly while shaking my fist at the flat screen (why my husband still loves me also remains a mystery). One thing I know about Ben, he wholeheartedly believes in every single thing he does. The why may evade us, but we can harbor no doubt regarding his convictions.

Favourite complex villains?

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