Thursday, November 12, 2009

Projects Vortex

I have three writing projects currently swirling in the project vortex. I am prepping to add a fourth. I like having many plates in the air, however, I'm finding it difficult to prioritize. Each project has a very specific goal, and will facilitate a unique result. I've managed to bet on the lead horse, but the rest of the contenders are all locked in a dead heat for second, and the runner up remains unclear.

How many projects are healthy to take on at once? A more confident person than I may compare it to having a main and an alt. If you understood that somewhat vague reference then its likely we are kindred spirits.

It is my experience that one project usually takes an early lead, but should I stonewall the others until the first is polished? Is it OK to bounce to the second when my head hits a stonewall of its own while working on the first? Do multiple projects mean I'm stretching myself too thin and not giving my all to one script? Are these long-winded questions tempting you to navigate away yet? I'm done. Promise.

1 comment:

  1. I vote for multiple projects at once. I like the spillover of creative energies. But if one project naturally starts to cook, play that tune till its done!