Monday, August 31, 2009


So, after all that, I have completed the first draft of my first ever FEATURE LENGTH SCRIPT! What was supposed to be a five-day-feature morphed into several months. It is full of typos, and plot flaws and missing scenes and lame dialogue, and I couldn't be happier! Completion was always the goal with this project, and though it is nowhere near "polished and let someone read it" finished, the fact that the draft is complete and tangible makes me happier than I could express.

So, now I'm going to celebrate by printing out two copies. One for myself and one for Derek. Soon it will be a mess of red corrective pen strokes, and I'm really OK with that. Nothing could ruin today's triumph. Except maybe a giant tsunami that engulfs Vancouver. Or a forced "wear your bikini to work" day. Or a dinner of boiled cabbage and goat liver. Ok, lots could ruin it, but so far we're good.

Time to celebrate!

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