Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Choices and Meeting Friends

Life is a series of small breaks. You know what else it is? A choice. Every single moment of every single day we are making choices. Am I going to sit down or stand up? Am I going to have the cod or the halibut? Am I going to put myself out there and try something scary, or underestimate myself and stay safe. These choices will define the experiences that we have each day, and what we miss out on. This week has been one of many experiences for me.

First, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Vancouver through the eyes of my in-laws, and in so doing rediscovered the beautiful place in which I live. Where I tend to get distracted by the business of my week and forget to stop and let the sounds of the ocean wash it all away, they are enthralled by everything they see because they do not have the option of rushing past it on their way to a lunch or in rush hour traffic. It was really nice to see it from their perspective.

Second, I went against my doctor's orders and walked all weekend on a foot that should have experienced only ice, elevation and a considerable amount of pain killers. I chose to do this because I could not bear to sit at home and miss out on the first set of experiences mentioned. We don't get to spend enough time with our out of town family, and I could not stand to be left out of the equation. Even now as I sit here with the ice and the throbbing, I don't regret it.

Third, I had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite bloggers. Someone whose courage and attitude has inspired me with every post he has written. You can check out Matt Logelin's blog here. We spent Thursday night downtown hanging out with Matt, and on one of the most difficult nights of the year for him, he still managed to listen to our goals and dreams and encourage us in our chosen career path, about our marriage and our future. He allowed us to pick his brain about his many experiences since losing Liz, and the arrival of Madeline, and he was genuine and friendly. I only hope we were able to show him as great of an evening as he did us. We had a great time.

The choices I'm making this week? 1. A little less fried food, a little more fruit. 2. Rest, ice and elevation (doctor's orders, for real this time). 3. No underestimation. I am just going to go for it.

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