Monday, August 10, 2009

3 Virtues and a Flaw

Something we do at work when we are trying to correct a behavior is to give the person in the hot-seat three positive focuses before we offer the one (and only one) "opportunity" that they should be focussing on. It sounds like a load of corporate hooey - yes I said it - up front, but mostly, it just works. I've found it a good excercise for myself when I get overwhelmed about the endless list of non-virtues I posess (sorry, no spellcheck on my blackberry) so here goes my public display of affection for myself, the main focus being my flaw.

Virtue #1. I'm Deep.

It sounds ridiculous to say it out loud. Along the lines of the newest celebutante on late night who says "everybody thinks I'm like, so shallow, but I really think about things, like, world hunger, and people who have to shop at like, Wal-Mart. I obviously have layers." But I do actually do a lot of thinking and analysing, and I hope it shines through on occassion.

Virtue #2. I am aware.

I am not one of those people who is blissfully ignorant of the solo mother who is trying to coral her stroller and second squirming two year old through the not-so-automatic doors. I'm usually present enough to help someone who's dropped a bag of groceries, or left their car keys on a table at the restaurant. I like to notice things (note: texting and awareness can almost never co-exist)

Virtue #3. I'm funny. Whether intentional or (more likely) unintentional, I can crack people up. I try, and often fail, through my writing, and I definitely make an effort in person. The main detractor to this is when I incidentally cross a line or step on some toes, though I find most of my friends and family to be extremely gracious in these situations.

And finally the easy part. The above was practically torture. I am not practiced at saying positive things (read: bragging) about myself.

The Flaw: I'm extremely impatient.

The kind of impatient that misses a spectacular sunset because she was too set on getting gelato to hold off for five minutes and watch. The kind who can't enjoy a still moment without knowing its expiry second, and what's next on the agenda. The kind who rushes her extremely patient husband out of the house to go do errands when they could be enjoying another cup of coffee and an episode of The Honeymooners on a Sunday morning.

People always say "well at least I can admit it about myself" I think what good is admitting it unless I can do something about it. My problem is I don't know how to change.

Clean and dirty laundry now aired, I urge you to undertake this exercise, and give yourself some positive feedback before focussing on one thing you want to change. I want to hear some self-bragging! If only to validate my own overshare.

Also this post was done via PDA so I take no responsibility for its choppy feel. Embrace it.

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