Monday, September 7, 2009

Happenings x4

Several things have happened over the past eight days, resulting in a lack of posting. Soon enough I will write a bigger, better, juicier post.

1. I finished my first draft of my script (you already know this) and breathed a huge sigh of relief, which has lasted all week. This sigh of relief included me taking some time sit back, think about my projects, and evaluate. I've been re-reading the script, though not editing it quite yet, aside from some grammatical issues.

2. I had several evening engagements. I worked one evening, and had a friend come in from out of town another evening. We went here and listened to this guy. It was great.

3. I came up with what turned out to be the best short film idea I've had in a long time. Derek and I have been tossing around ideas and scripts to shoot this fall. Our goal is to have something shot by the end of the year. We had several possibilities, but no clear winner. One morning last week Derek sent me a message from his day job that said something to the effect of "Loglines: Go". The first one I sent I was sure would be met with something akin to pity, however, he loved it. It is going to be a fun project, so I've been researching and working on that as well.

4. We've been playing video games and watching movies. Lots of movies. Great movies that I cannot believe I've never seen, all from the Seven Day Favourite section of our local Roger's plus store. There were six rented in this little catchup marathon and four have been watched. Once we make it through the other two, I have a blog post planned on what can be learned from watching movies that aren't the new-hip-thang. On a side note we also watched the documentary Overnight, which I would highly recommend if you can handle the language.

More from this way soon enough. Buy me a pumpkin spice late and it may be sooner rather than later.

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