Friday, September 11, 2009

How Miracle Laurie (@miraclelaurie) Changed My Life

How Miracle Laurie changed my life.

As you may or may not know, I've been an avid fan of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse on FOX. Despite critic's impressions of the show, the Whedon crew has built up enough street cred to grant them my viewing fealty for the rest of my TV watching days, so Dollhouse will continue to be watched in my house.

This post, however, is about one actress, Miracle Laurie, who plays Mellie/November and newly Madeline on the series. Though Eliza Dushku is a stand-up lead, for some reason when Laurie is on screen, I cannot take my eyes off of her. She brings a refreshing vigor and openness to each character the writers toss her way. I also love that she doesn't fit the typical profile for today's actress (read: M. Fox) she doesn't have waist length extensions curled into Gossip Girl waves, you can't see her ribs through her skank tanks, and her eyes don't have that haunted Hollywood glaze, rather she uses them for her role. Laurie oozes sex appeal in Dollhouse, but in an a-typical girl next door kind of way. She complements both Eliza Dushku and Dichen Lachman, and lends a vulnerability to the callousness that sometimes accompanies a show where 'suspension of disbelief' is heavily required (not that I'm complaining, I live to suspend). Today on twitter Laurie posted a picture of herself driving her car home from the set. It was refreshing to see her behind the wheel of a sedan, like 99% of the people who watch Dollhouse, smiling and enjoying her Friday.

Miracle Laurie is my poster child for the theory that there is still hope for Hollywood. Perhaps that is too big of a mantle to place on one person, whom I've never met and really know nothing about, but this is where I've chosen to place my idealistic nature for the time being, and Miracle, I'm sorry but you must now bear the weight of my admiration.

OK, so perhaps not every aspect of my life is altered for all eternity, but anyone who can make a cynical leopard swap a couple spots merits a blog post, or twelve. Keep smiling Hollywood.

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