Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Waiting Game

As I type, we are uploading our very first video pitch for a short film competition called Crazy 8's. We entered this competition last year and pitched in person, and though we didn't make it through we got some great experience pitching and connected with some great people. We feel confident that we've put together the best pitch we could with the time constraints involved (we returned home from the prairie-hood on January 2nd at 10:30PM and the pitch is due tomorrow - January 15th at 5:00PM.) We are now entering the waiting zone.

I know a lot of people who say "I stop worrying about it the minute it is out of my hands." I am NOT one of those people. So, rest assured my mind will be filled with my projected ideas of what the judges may or may not be thinking for the next ten days. I will also be thinking of things we could have, should have, would have added, had we only the time or inspiration to do so. Sometimes my family tosses around the phrase "hurry up and wait." I'm sure whoever coined that little treat meant well, but every time I hear it my eye twitches slightly. Patience and I are frenemies.

So if you're thinking of us over the next week, take a moment to cross some fingers, find a piece of wood to knock on (challenging if you're at Ikea, but fiberboard will do), say a prayer if that's your style, perhaps if Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and a pagan god or two all band together they can instill some patience into me (highly unlikely). If we make it to the next round, you'll be sure to hear about it. If we don't, well, there are plenty more hurdles to jump and I'll sit on the sidelines and eat my chocolate cake and watch you point them out to me.

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