Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Ask

Since the dawn of time mankind has been...OK I'm kidding! Wait don't click away!

Many things have happened since our return from Christmas. Some exciting - sending in our pitch for Crazy 8s, getting a note of positive feedback on my half finished pilot. Some less exciting - waiting to hear back from Crazy 8s, still not completing my half finished pilot, putting an indecent amount of work into the day job. My mantra over these last couple weeks has been "It doesn't hurt to ask".

This may not be true in all situations. It probably would hurt to ask that Hell's Angel if you can take his girl to dinner. It would probably also hurt to ask your girlfriend/wife/friend with benefits if she's been doing some stress eating (yes) or the cop if you can try out his gun. I've heard handcuff aren't particularly comfortable, I wouldn't know anything about that! ;-). What I'm saying is that within reason, and in most situations, it doesn't hurt to ask.

I wouldn't be sitting where I'm sitting on this precarious and exciting ledge if I was afraid to ask for things. A query letter here, an offer to do some free work there. A quick email about pushing back a deadline, or a schedule change. I'm not a firm believer in "Ask and ye shall receive" (at least not strictly in a worldly sense) however I believe in "don't ask and ye shall never know". If the answer is NO, then it is NO and you can carry on. Wouldn't you rather know for sure?


  1. NOPE! But thanks for asking.

  2. I would much rather know for sure, but most often, the answer is a disheartening silence.