Monday, January 25, 2010

Still In the Game // Crazy 8's Update

We woke up yesterday to a charming email that started with the word CONGRATULATIONS. To our surprise and delight we had not won the fortune of a third-world widow if we would only send our postage fee of $20.99 to an Amsterdam address, or a seven night stay in if only we would consent to a month of timeshare selling meetings. We had, however, earned ourselves a spot in the next round of pitches for Crazy8s. This means that we have five days to perfect our in-person pitch.

I am currently waiting for a phone call that will allow me to schedule our pitch time. Most of the pitches will take place on Friday, however, since we will both be at work we are banking on getting one of the limited Saturday spots, for people such as ourselves who are required to pay bills and other such nonsense.

This is great news! It means that our video pitch succeeded in placing us in the top 40% of those who pitched. By how much, we may never know. Now the sweating, agonizing, and nausea that accompanies public speaking and in-person pitching can commence. Whining and nerves aside, we are ecstatic to have made it to this point. We will keep you posted with further developments. Pleas for luck wishing, finger-crossing, praying to the moon-gods of Jupiter, et al are continuously requested. Thanks for the support!

1 comment:

  1. You've won a pitching experience... for that alone you should celebrate!

    Remember, they WANT to like your pitch... so before you even begin, you're already starting off on the right foot!: )

    Knock their socks off! Dawn