Monday, April 6, 2009

Social Media Un-Savvy

So, in an attempt to develop my web presence I have added Twitter updates to my blog, and blog updates to my Twitter feed. Yes, I am currently cross-eyed. Part of me wonders how long I'll be able to limp by with my limited knowledge of the four-eyed monster that is the internet. Is it sad that I'm only 26 and lacking the knowledge to function at full capacity online? I grew up with the internet - I'm generation "A" here, and yet I'm daily falling behind.

Perhaps the internet has a system similar to dog years. For every year, post high school, that you age in RL (that's "real life" for all you who aren't down with the made up acronyms), you age 2 years online. So since I graduated 8 years ago, I've aged 16 online years; therefore, in terms of my internet savvy, I'm nearing middle age.

Maybe the frenzied Googling of feed-linking intructions has made me crazy. No more theories for today.

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