Friday, April 17, 2009

Its That Time Again: Logline Extravaganza!

Its a rainy Friday morning and I'm basking in the 1.5 hours of online bliss before I head in to work. I've decided to revisit my previous exercise of five loglines to keep me busy. Perhaps I'll make this a weekly thing. Five Logline Friday has a nice ring to it (though it sounds highly ambitious one cup of coffee in). Visit this PREVIOUS POST to compare and contrast today's ideas with the previous. Here goes:

1. OVERSHARE: Jane, a seasoned commuter, passes her time eavesdropping on the transit passengers around her, listening to their phone calls and imagining their lives. One morning she hears the private intentions of a passenger who has plans to kill herself that night. When the passenger disembarks suddenly, Jane feels compelled to go after her and keep her from her dark plan.

2. UNDEAD EVOLUTION: It is 2027. The human race have been subject to a violent plague and all have become the walking dead. Starvation is imminent, until one zombie child develops an awareness, an understanding of her surroundings. The need to feed becomes secondary to the need for survival, and the evolution of the undead begins.

3. THE SWAP: Bored with their domestic responsibilities, a group of housewives in the fifties start a program where working women can experience the domestic life for a day, and they will take over the office responsibilities. Breaking the barriers between career woman, and domestic goddess, the role sharing results in comedy, and an awareness to a new kind of life.

4. CHARISMA: Some people are simply too charming for their own good. Ellie is one of those people. Every time she opens her mouth, she makes a new friend. Her advice is highly sought after and her phone is always ringing. When Ellie begins a new job, her new admirers begin to cross the line from over-friendly to over-bearing. Ellie decides to take a vacation, only to be hotly pursued by those who want a piece of her, and they will do anything to get the piece they want.

Wow, those took longer than I had anticipated, and I only got four. Remind me next time that this exercise is not conducive to the morning. I will edit post when I can extract the fifth one from my brain. On another note, I'm aware that these are not my best work, but it is worth the posting humiliation to stir the creative molasses into gingerbread.

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