Monday, March 2, 2009

Phase 1: Registration - COMPLETE.

So today we secured our pitching spot for the Crazy 8's Film Festival. The only problem is that I've never pitched before. Currently I'm working on revising the script. I'm filing away all the little promising tidbits I can think of, and trying to capture the feeling of the film as I write. I want the pitch to be dynamic, but not cheesy. Derek is looking after the technical aspect of the pitch and fielding any questions regarding the visuals or equipment, so I am focusing on the story, which will take up the bulk of the time.

I'm struggling between having the main character narrate for himself, or having an omnipotent narrator in manner of Anthony Hopkins. I'm leaning towards the first option as the story centers around the fantasy that the main character creates for himself, and the isolation he experiences because of this. It would seem like a conflict of the point to allow an omnipotent narrator inside his head, privy to the very thing he keeps secret, that separates him from everything else.

While I'm wrestling with the story does anybody have any pitch suggestions for me?

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  1. Cleavage!!!!!!!!! Everyone wins when there's cleavage involved!!!! :)