Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Penning Correspondence

I wish people still wrote letters.  More to the point, I wish I still wrote letters.  To friends, to family.  I feel like my life has been fast-tracked by technology, especially of late.  Thanks to Facebook and Twitter (both of which I admittedly use religiously) people know the news far before they'd receive a letter.  To the point where the effort to open the letter could almost count as an archeological expedition due to how ancient the news is by the time the letter is received.

That doesn't stop me from wishing there was a way to reintroduce the art of letter writing back into my life.  Anyone need a pen-pal?


  1. I feel very very much the same way!
    I've always felt that letters are so much more personal than email...
    Where you actually see someone's handwriting, where you can see the little signs of their emotions in the writing...
    I miss letters...
    I'd be your pen pal

  2. I know we work together but you can send me letters if u want! Or me, you and Morgan could become 3 way pen-pals!