Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video Games, Cont'd

Apparently you can fly in InFamous. This is what I was told when discussing my current roadblock with some fellow gamers. Let's just the the words came with a look of complete incredulousness at my complete lack of skill and knowledge - I can has compassion plz? I maintain that I haven't gotten to the flying part yet (I'm REALLY REALLY not that far along) and have decided to return to BioShock.

In EB Games today all I could do was drool. When it comes to video games I have a bit of a follow through issue. A completion deficiency. As in, I don't. Ever. I didn't finish Red Dead Redemption, I didn't get through Heavenly Sword, I never even finished Mario Bros. I have a problem.

What is on your gaming wishlist right now? Winter-een-mas is just around the bend!

PS: Writing classes start Wednesday January 26th. I am SUPER excited.

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  1. I am patiently waiting for Telltale's "Back to the Future" game to be released for PS3. Because I want to play it on my big-ass TV, not my teeny-tiny laptop.

    Where are you taking writing classes?