Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because it is.

I was reading "A Clean Well Lit Place" by Hemingway last night. A charming short story about different places and needs that people have in life. The message that came across to me was This is important because it is. I need this because I do. I really enjoyed the varied perspectives in this story, no of which were altogether right or wrong, but they were all valid. Each character was flawed in his own way, which is what made them real.

The other thing I got out of this was that you truly can write about anything! This was a beautiful piece of work about an altogether commonplace experience. Hemingway took it to a level that the layman would never take the time to see. I like the idea that everything is interesting, the gift is how to make each story unique and appealing. My challenge today is to brainstorm a few more topics that may take skill to make interesting.

Five things that are interesting because they are, and deserve some further study:

1. The correlation between music and beverage.
2. Your perception of a stranger who smiles at you.
3. Why she chose Australia, and he chose Japan.
4. Tattoos.
5. The first hour of the day, from the moment you open your eyes.

Any other suggestions?

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