Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Plea for Help: Doritos Involved!

Lately I've been doing everything I can to take my writing seriously. I've been banging down virtual doors, surfing the highs and lows of rejection letters, finishing up way overdue writers notes and writing a spec.

I'm taking a class once a week on television writing, and though the course is generally designed for beginners with little to no writing experience, I am finding the opportunity to read and critique every week pushing me to expand my knowledge base, and exercise everything I have learned in my stint as a writer. Also, writing an Act per week of my spec is a great deadline (not to mention kicking my ass!).

I'm still falling off the wagon on my haiku movie reviews, still behind on some reads, and have the third draft of our pilot looming overhead. I'm loving the busyness, though my caffeine consumption has gone steadily through the roof. I'm still putting in 5-6 days a week at the restaurant, and struggling to deal with some lasting health issues. I'm giving you the pity party so you'll feel sorry for me, because I need your help!!

Doritos is having a contest to write the ending of their new commercial. I wrote one, submitted it, and am now in the whining for your vote - shameless self promotion phase. I realize how irritating this can be, but think of the DORITOS! And the baby puppies...who might not make it if you don't vote.

I realize the ending is a bit over the top, but watch the beginning of the commercial and I think you'll agree it was the only way to go. Any friend promotion you can give me would be heartily appreciated. Here is the link to my ending:

Rachel's Dorito Ending of Epic Win (We Hope?!)

I promise to vote for you on the next thing that you require a vote on, (cutest offspring for the baby-a-day toilet paper, any writing contest, not guilty plea?!) Or I will come to your house to do your dishes, but only if you live outside the GVA and are willing to fly me in... It's a fair deal, right? Doritos.

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  1. Done and Done....Are we only able to vote once or are we able to vote once a day?