Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am buffing up my writing playlist. I have gotten some great suggestions via Facebook and Twitter so far. Please feel free to add to the list. Here is what I've received so far (don't be afraid to be song specific):

Basia Bulat
Kathleen Edwards
Hawksley Workman
The Weepies
Mimicking Birds
Mumford and Sons
Rogue Wave
The Morning Benders
Dan Black
Jeff Buckley
The Great Lake Swimmers
A Fine Frenzy
Racheal Yamagata
Fleet Foxes
The Faunts
Passion Pit
One Eskimo
Emm Gryner
Justin Nozuka
Dahmnait Doyle
Alexi Murdoch
Soul Coughing
Future Sound of London's Lifeforms

That's a long list, but I need MORE! Music domination must be achieved. Also, we can avoid any artists with $ in their names. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I often listen to film soundtracks of an appropriate genre when I'm writing, but that's not always possible, and I don't have any soundtracks for comedy, ironically, so I'll sometimes have a pop mix in the background or classical. Generally, it's easier for me to write (and study, while I was in school) if there's a jazz or classical or even electronic bit of music in the background, especially - and I mean especially - if I don't know it well. If I'm very familiar with it, my brain locks on to the music and pays too much attention to it. It's better random, unfamiliar, but not "grabby" like something with lyrics tends to be.

    That being said, I'm currently listening to, among others:

    Toad The Wet Sprocket
    USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)

    and while working on the RoboBro pilot I was listening to my friend Rob's son Jon's band "Waking up in Vegas" (formerly known as "Here Goes Nothing")