Monday, December 7, 2009

Sell Me Out!

More on selling scripts and selling out...

I've been thinking further on this topic ever since we got to discussing this at Scriptchat and I posted THIS. Since then I have been working double time trying to kick things into high gear. I currently have four projects on the go. None of them are paying. All of them could lead to something paying in the future. I currently work five days a week at the bill paying job.

At this point, when lunch consists of rice-maker rice with mushroom soup poured on top, and I have to drink six cups of coffee to stay awake through a family or friendly outing (not bored, just tired) I would put myself whole-heartedly in the SELL OUT IF NECESSARY category. If I write it with a slender blue eyed blonde haired girl and you tell me it will sell with a purple giraffe, then give me the lavender crayon and I will tear through that sucker!

I'm losing my mind a little bit, and I'm giving into it whole-heartedly because that's what it takes to pay my bills and start a career (hopefully) as a writer. I realize that dues must be paid, but it will be a huge help when something pays off. Anything. I also feel that the majority of what I've written is not made up of personal stories that I want to tell. More so of subject matter that I find interesting and am interested in exploring further. So far, most of the suggestions for change that I've received have been positive and have made my stories not only more sale-able, but more interesting.

If I survive December and meet all my deadlines, perhaps the Bling-Bling will be my reward. Perhaps not. Hopefully my willingness to compromise will yield. Perhaps we will see what happens when someone tries to ask for more than I'm willing to give. Who knows? The beautiful thing is that its all up in the air, and there is nothing but possibility ahead. The awful thing is that its all up in the air, and there is NOTHING but possibility ahead. But here I am rambling while there are dues to be paid.


  1. Cold fingers cold keys
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  2. Love this post my dear! GT